November 30th, 2010

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Secret Santa Sign-ups

This is the sign-up entry! (Duh, Severus says.) But just so you know, this is it. You can edit your entry up until the day I close sign-ups. Then, please, keep your ickle little fingers off of it.

You're signing up to both request a 250-word Holiday-themed Snape-centric drabble and to pledge to write one for someone else.

Clearly but concisely state what you would like to receive as a gift - it can be as specific or non-specific as you wish but may include pairings, ratings range, squicks, scenarios, etc. You are only allowed one sign-up reply post, as the point of this exchange is to be flexible. Giving a choice or pairings or situations is good.

Also, as this exchange is open to anything, make sure you clearly, but concisely, state your writing deal-breakers (what you don't want to write). This would include pairings, ratings, squicks, crossovers, etc. Please try not to be too picky, however.

I would like to take this moment to encourage you to choose several different pairings, as there are people in the community who are interested in not just the main Snape pairings we see every day. You can request GEN, HET, and/or SLASH. We want everybody to find something in this exchange. This means I would also love to have people willing to write a variety of things *hinthint* If you are willing, make sure to let me know.

Comments, should therefore follow this format:

Sign-ups end at 11:59 a.m. EST on Monday, Dec. 6 with assignments to follow within 24 hours (or as soon as I can feasibly do it). Please code drabbles for posting with bold headers, etc., and post it to the receipt post, which will be up as soon as assignments go out.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you want to see how something like this goes, I have shamelessly gacked almost everything from the hp_halloween community, because I have participated in that comm for 3 years and found it to be a good model for a small exchange like this.

Pimpage should be up tomorrow sometime. Maybe.
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Secret Santa Pimpage


Come join us for our first ever Secret Santa Drabble Exchange! Sign ups have already begun and end on December 6.