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Gift for Triskellion

Gift for: triskellion

From: regulus_kat

Title: Hagrid's Gift
Characters Severus, Minerva, Hagrid
Warnings: None

“Severus,” Minerva spoke my name in a clipped tone. “You were invited to Slughorn's Christmas party and all you do is skulk in the corner. I would expect a little decorum.”

Irritated, I had to add: “You're certainly working the room. Why, in the past half hour, I have observed you speaking to one person. Quite the socialite.”

“You, however, hover like a vulture...”

“I can't wait to see my prey,” I snarked. Minerva pretended to ignore me – but her long thin nostrils flared.

A long arm reached out and dragged me toward them, I was seriously considering hexing whoever it was. But how could anyone hex Hagrid?

“Sorry, Professor, but I couldn't leave you standing there all by your lonesome.”

“I was hardly alone. Professor McGonagall and I were having a friendly discussion,” I laid emphasis on the last two words.

“Got a present for yeh.”

“Is it a box of your rock cakes? I have no return gift.”

“Don' worry. Yer not rich, and me neither.” Hagrid fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a grubby little package. I opened it. It was a poor portrait, but you could make out who it was of. Regulus was my best friend in my youth. To see this faded and poorly executed portrait made me stand taller.

I didn't speak. Hagrid must have understood because he didn't speak either.

From where I held the portrait in my hand, Regulus winked.

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