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snape_ldws's Journal

Snape Last Drabble Writer Standing
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Competition of drabble writers focusing around Severus Snape.

Greetings, Snape lovers! Glad to see you've found your way here. Please, do join and watch us.

What do we do here? Well, as an LDWS--Last Drabble Writer Standing--group, participants write drabbles and compete against one another in a round. There will be a different prompt every week, and each week readers vote on which responses they liked the best. One or two writers are eliminated each week, and one person is declared the winner of the week. Eliminations continue until the Grand Finale, when the finalists compete for top honors.

And, of course, being Snape LDWS, all writing revolves around the esteemed Potions Master, Severus Snape.

Interested? Hope so!

Round 1 Sign-ups are from May 7th – May 13th! Stay tuned for more information!


1. Anyone who is a community member may sign up to participate in a round.

2. Under the current schedule, challenges will be posted on a Saturday. Responses are due the following Wednesday. Voting will commence on Thursdays and close on Fridays, with results will announced the following day.

3. All drabbles will be between 100 and 499 words, as assigned.

4. Participants and viewers alike must have an open mind to all ships, het and slash. Please do not discriminate based upon pairing—instead focus on quality of writing. Ratings for drabbles can be as high as NC-17. Appropriate warnings MUST be used. All characters engaging in sexual activity must be at least 17 years old, which as you all know, is the age of majority in the wizarding world. All writers are requested to be at least 18 years of age!

G = suitable for everyone
PG = may contain material inappropriate for younger and more sensitive readers.
PG-13 = may contain material inappropriate for viewers under the age of 13. This may include some mild language and violence.
R = Not appropriate for younger audiences; mature themes, including language, violence, sex, and other dark things.
NC-17 = Definitely not appropriate for the young or sensitive; very mature themes, especially the sexual sort.

When in doubt, rate upward, and we can bump it down again.


~ Please do not post your drabbles (or alternate versions) anywhere else until the challenge it was written for is over. They are to remain private/anonymous until each voting result is revealed.

~ Please do not write drabble responses that are continuations of previous submissions.

~ You may use a beta if you have time; but please keep it to one person who can keep a secret.

~ Feel free to pimp your participation in snape_ldws in a general way.

6. Contestants will have one skip during the round, which they are free to use until there are 6 participants left (semi-finals).

7. Contestants may NOT use their skip for the first challenge of the Round.

8. Contestants may NOT vote for themselves.

9. Manipulative votes will be disqualified. Manipulative voting may result in being banned or elimination from competition.

10. Please include "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" in your sign up reply so we know you've read the rules.


* The “Real Life” Clause: Occasionally allowances will be made (extra skips given) in cases of disaster (hurricane, flood, fire, etc.), illness (bad flu – sudden onset) or computer failure (hard drive dies). Please let the moderators know as soon as possible that you intend to continue competing. To be fair to the other participants, the RL clause cannot be invoked after 6 participants remain.

* Tie Breakers:
~ In the event of a tie for Most Favorite, the participant with the most “Most Favorite” votes will be the winner.

~ In the event of a tie for Least Favorite, the participant with the most “Least Favorite” votes will be eliminated.

~ In either case, if the tied participants have the same “high” numbers, there will be a 24 hour tie-breaker vote.

* Mod’s Choice: The moderators will choose a Mod’s Choice drabble for each challenge, which will be announced with the winners each Saturday. The Mod’s Choice Award is determined by moderator preference and the participant’s ability to fulfill the given prompt.


~ snarry_ldws
~ dmpp_ldws

Want to be an affiliate? Please contact gelsey via PM!

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